Making music together is one of the most effective and powerful ways to develop friendships, build lasting communities, and simply have fun.

Creative Choir 

Inspirational Community Choir for Adults, Youth & Kids -- a place to celebrate diversity develop community & have fun as you learn to sing songs from various musical genres as part of a group..

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Creative Sound 

Logic Pro: Learn how to record audio & MIDI tracks, create beats & creative tones with software instruments, & mix your multitrack recording sessions

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Creative Visuals 

Adobe: Ignite creativity & link your music to your art learning to use adobe suites. 

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Creative Mix 

Pro Tools: Learn how to mix, reproducs & manipulate the equalization & electronic effects of sound &  how to record traditional instruments & vocals. 

Virtual Music 

During Covid-19 stay in the safety of your home & learn how to play an instrument with other students, virtually!

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Vocal Artistry 

One-on-one or with a small group. learning & developing vocal &/or rapping techniques to enhance your vocal abilities.


Live Performance: Students & choirs will showcase their music, & creative art skills. Their audience, our local community!

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