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Our first annual Summer Creative Music Session (SCMS) in 2022 was such a success that we decided to offer this program again. 


"When we heard about the Out of the Box music program and all that it had to offer for the amazing cost, in all honesty, my wife and I thought it was at least worth trying.  Our two daughters, 13 and 15, are dedicated musicians, and we have been looking for a quality program to nurture their talents.  Elaine and her team did a wonderful job navigating the students through the several weeks that they were enrolled. The staff were able to work on effective vocal lessons that enhanced the girls singing, in addition, to further developing my 13-year-old's keyboard skills and teaching our 15-year-old how to play the keyboard from scratch. Every week, the girls were excited to come back for the next session. As an artist and public high school art teacher, I highly recommend this program."


Best wishes, Elaine, and keep us posted for the next round of classes.

Mr. T.


We had a great time doing our music classes here with Ms. Elaine and we are looking forward to doing it again next summer. It is worth their time and the learning that my kids gofrom this class.

Mrs. H.

We would love to see you at our 2nd Annual ShowCase Summer Creative Music Session Concert. It's FRE! Come support our amazing kids as they perform for you and showcase the new skills they have achieved!

Be part of SCMS this summer!

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